Household trash pick-up is Tuesday.
Residents are reminded to put out their trash on Monday evenings. The company will pick up recycling early on Tuesday morning and return later in the day for trash. If the recycling container is not at the curb, they will not return later to pick recycling. Large items may be placed out with the Tuesday pick up.


Important Notification – Covered Device Recycling Act
Effective January 24, 2013 it is no longer permissible to dispose of electronic devices in the trash.

This includes: computers, computer monitors, keyboards, mice, televisions, cell phones, smart phones, FAX machines, copiers, etc. For more information you can go to the DEP web site and choose Electronic Recycling from the A-Z menu. Also, they have a hotline1-800-346-4242 These devices can also be taken to most stores that sell these products, such as Best Buy, Staples, Goodwill. Contact them beforehand.